Letter of Repudiation to the russophobic speech of Federal Deputy Paulo Bilynskyj

BREAKING! Brazilian pro-Ukrainian parliamentarian praises NAZI soldier at the Chamber

On May 17, Brazilian Federal Deputy Paulo Bilynskyj (Liberal Party) celebrated the International Day of the Vishyvanka (Ukrainian traditional dress) during an event at the Chamber.

In his adress, the far-right deputy praised the memory of his grandfather, the Ukrainian Bohdan Bilynskyj, both as a combatant in the Second World War and an example for his political activities. Bohdan was a volunteer for the Waffen-SS in Ukraine, as disclosed by the parliamentarian himself on his social networks.

He also compared President Vladimir Putin to past Soviet leaders and unsubstantiatedly accused him of causing “a war with thousands of victims”, reinforcing his pro-Kiev position, already stated on other occasions.

“These garments are a tribute to my origins, to my grandfather Bohdan Bilynskyj, who arrived in Brazil on September 30, 1948, after fighting bravely for the freedom of his country, invaded by communist Russians. (…) My grandfather Bohdan, at the age of 20, fought in a world war to free Ukraine from the clutches of communism. And today, as a federal deputy, alongside my brothers, I fight against the installation of a communist regime in Brazil (…) History is relentless. Today (…) a ‘decondemned’ president declares support for Putin, who caused a war with thousands of victims”, declared the parliamentarian in plenary.”

By saying “decondemned”, he was mocking Brazilian President Lula da Silva, who was arrested some years ago.

Brazilian pro-Russian political organization Nova Resistência reacted to the Nazi tribute by publishing a Letter of Repudiation to Bilynskyj on 20 May:

Rio de Janeiro,

May 20, 2023,

On May 18, Federal Deputy Paulo Bilynskyj (Liberal Party) took advantage of the celebration of the International Day of Vyshyvanka (Ukrainian traditional dress) to make an address propagating russophobic thoughts, inciting anti-Russian ethnic hatred.

The Congressman disguised the racist content of his speech by praising the memory of his Ukrainian grandfather, who supposedly fought for “freedom” against “communist Russians” in World War II. Anachronistically and dishonestly, Bilynskyj even compared such conflict with the current Russian special military operation on the borders with Ukraine.

Conveniently, Bilynskyj omits that his grandfather fought as a volunteer for the Waffen-SS, the militia of the German Nazi Party. Paul talks about fighting for freedom, but ignores the Russian people of the Donbass region, who have been persecuted and massacred by the forces of the Kiev regime since 2014, fighting absolutely autonomously for their freedom, without any solidarity from the so-called “Western democracies.”

As an organization in favor of a multipolar world with greater freedom for all peoples, the popular association Nova Resistência (New Resistance) repudiates the racist speech of the deputy, who, like many other Western media figures, seeks to foment ideas of hatred towards Russia and the Russian people.

Russophobia, so incited by the pro-Kiev mainstream media in current times, is not a sentiment compatible with the history of good diplomatic relations and friendship between Brazil and Russia. It is worth remembering that Russia was one of the first countries to recognize Brazil’s Independence. There have been centuries of not only trade relations, but exchanges of knowledge, culture and human resources that have enriched and continue to enrich both countries.

The Russophobic discourse does not represent Brazil, its interests, its people, and the entire history of friendship between Brazilians and Russians. Nova Resistência has always fought and will continue to fight against the lies that seek to poison our people and friendly nations.

Raphael Machado, secretary general of Nova Resistência;

Lucas Leiroz, secretary for international relations of Nova Resistência.

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